Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taking Steps

Tonight, my lovely fiance came down to visit me at school. Feeling fresh and ready to start my new plan, we headed out to dinner and then for some shopping. I ate reasonably well, but still felt a bit sick.
Let me put this into perspective...I'm a shopping whore. It's a major issue. I love EVERYTHING. So, to Barnes & Noble we went. Instantly, I devoured the wedding section. As Justin and I sat there reading, I suddenly received the best inspiration ever:

Can you say wedding dresses?!

Because, as it turns out, I can squeal about them. I love lace, drama, gorgeous flowing gowns....and I want to look as lovely in them as the model above does in that dress that haunts my dreams. I need to float down the aisle. And I want to do so feeling and being lighter than I currently am. 
With that in mind, I walked over to the self-improvement section and picked up "Skinny Bitch". I've always heard about it, but until now, I've never read it. That changes tonight.
It seems like just the ass-kicking I need. So we shall see.

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