Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to School

After a weekend of fun, I've returned back to college and back to reality. I have two huge papers to write this week, in addition to a project and a test. Sucks. But I'm determined that, this time, I'll get to the gym, no matter how stressed I am!
So far today, I've been moderately good on my food intake. I nommed on a fresh fruit cup, drank a delish Odwalla juice (Mango Tango- 10 cents of ever bottle benefit Haiti!), but finished off my lunch with a cup of Ramen. I was too hungry and tired to walk to the cafeteria, and they were convenient. So I ate the noodles of sodium death. But they were delicious (:
Now, I've got to take a nap, repaint my nails, read a play, write a paper and hit the gym. But this thing gets me through it: my lovely engagement ring. I look down at it throughout the day, and it's a reminder of what I'm working toward: a beautiful, healthy me.

Here it is:
This ring holds all the promises of my future husband. Now I've gotta start keeping my promises to myself.

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